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Polyvore Collage items - Transparency Tutorial

How to make a transparent selection on

How to make a transparent selection on

1-Upload photo ( I have noticed if it is too large it will not upload it.
I am not sure what the size needs to be yet, will add this info when I figure that out.

2-Select your photo you want to use by clicking with you mouse. It will put a blue square around it
showing you have selected this photo.

3-Once your photo is selected you will see a "WHEEL" icon on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER of your selected
photo. LEFT CLICK on the wheel and a menu will appear. Choose "EDIT" from the menu.

4-On the TOP TABS you will see an icon that looks like 3 layers ( if you hover your mouse over it it will say
" Blender: layer photos, add text and stickers ) LEFT CLICK on THIS TAB.


6- LEFT CLICK now on "VECTOR MASK" it will open a menu.

7-LEFT CLICK on "ADD VECTOR MASK" this will open some settings for your mask selection you will be creating.
( I usually choose these settings after I have made my selection, you can do it before or after- your preference )

8- To make your selection ( the area which you want to select that will be cut away from your background )
Just click your mouse or pen tool where you want to begin your selection and a small circle will appear on your photo.
Every time you click your mouse it will add more to your selection.

8a - You can then even drag the red area it is creating over your image using the dots ( clicking your mouse around the image )
to make a more detailed selection.

9-Now that you have chosen ( selected ) Your area that you would like cut from the background. ( You can use the tools in the MASK SETTINGS MENU to soften your edges and make them more transparent. Using the "feather tool" will SOFTEN your edges and make the edges transparent.
Depends on the final effect you desire. I have been using a lot of feathering on mine because I want them to blend well onto other photos in polyvore.

The INVERTED too will change invert your selection to the opposite.
I don't know what "CLOSED SHAPE" does yet
"SMOOTHNESS" will smooth out the edges of your selection.
"EXPAND" will expand the edges of your selection.

10-Once you have set your settings you can click on "TEST MASK" on the TOP tool bar. It will show you what your end result will be.
If you want to make any minor adjustments if you hover your mouse over your image it will show your dots you made the selection with and you
can STILL move them to fix up your selection if you like. You can even do it while it is still in TEST MASK mode. Which is AWESOME!
You can ALSO use the "TRANSFORM" right beside it to enlarge or shrink your selection just by grabbing the corners of the box that appears when you click on "TRANSFORM" …
( If you want to get out of TEST MASK mode … Just click on the "TEST MASK" button again and it will take you back to  edit mode.

You may want you selected image to be fully transparent to do this you can use the "FADE SLIDER" which is ABOVE your VECTOR MASK layer. Move the slider to the RIGHT for more transparency.

-Or BLEND MODE to change effects on image - using the DROP DOWN MENU
-Or you can use "COLOR OVERLAY" to change your colors
-Or HUE and SATURATION to change that.

11-Once you are done and happy with your selection. CLICK on "APPLY MASK" which you will find on the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

12-Then … if you are STILL HAPPY with your image …. on the same TOP RIGHT CORNER is a "CHECK MARK"  CLICK ON THE CHECK MARK.

13-NOW you will "SAVE" your selection by CLICKING on the "SAVE" tab icon on the TOP TABS … It is the one with the floppy disc icon- furthest to the right.

14-More choices appear .. LOL … You can change your "FILE NAME" if desired.

15-You will need to change the "FILE FORMAT" if you want it to remain a transparency.
Click on the drop down menu and CHOOSE "PNG -transparency,best quality"

16-then CLICK on the ORANGE button " SAVE TO MY COMPUTER"

17- Use the DROP DOWN menu "WHERE" to choose "WHERE" on your computer you want to save your transparent selection.
( I made a POLYVORE folder on my desktop so that it is always simple to find )
Once you have chosen your folder, CLICK "SAVE"

18-Now you can choose "close photo" or "continue editing"


1-UPLOAD your image to a NEW BLOG POST. ( I am using BLOGGER )
2-SAVE and PUBLISH Your BLOG POST with your image.
3-Open your BLOG POST and CLIP to POLYVORE.

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